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Editing And Revision Checklist For Narrative Essay


Revision and editing checklist for narrative essay

After you are done with the narrative essay it is highly recommended that one should always go with the editing and revision checklist for narrative essay, and this is because while writing there are some points that a person misses from time to time, but by proofreading your essay and rechecking the checklist will surely help you to know whether you have come up with the right content or not. Revision and editing checklist for narrative essay has always been a problem, as most of the time a person becomes lazy enough that he doesn’t have any energy to read out the whole content again, but it is fir his own good if he does that, as in this way he will get the perfect and the most accurate narrative essay in the end.

Following is the checklist for the narrative essay that you need in order to check whether you have coped up with everything or not in your narrative essay.

The Checklist for Narrative essay

Following are the things that you need to do in your narrative essay while rechecking / proofreading it.
Checking the introduction

In the introduction the first thing that you need to check is whether you have clearly mentioned the incident that you are going to transmit in later lines.

Details of interest for the readers

After that you need to check whether you have provided such details to your reader’s in the article that would hook them up with the rest of the essay?


Now you need to check whether you have mentioned about everyone who was / is involved in such incident and what was the place where the incident actually occurred.

Event organization

You need to make sure that you have organized the events in a proper sequence, as it is known to be very important when it comes to the proper flow of the narrative essay.

Eliminating unwanted information

Unwanted and repetitive information is not considered more than a set of fluff words and fillers, and these fluff words and fillers are known to be the one that reduces the quality of your content, so make sure to eliminate all such type of information.

Checking for precise explanatory details

It is important that you should have sued explanatory details as well in your essay in order to make your essay more interesting and would help your readers to agree with your point of view.

Dialogue usage

Make sure that you have used the dialogue in order to report all the confidential information.

Explanation in conclusion

In conclusion section you need to make sure that you have explained each and everything that is related to your essay and have briefly given the idea to eliminate the problem or to overcome the issue.