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Different Types Of Discursive Writing


One can witness different types of writing types that writers go with and one of these type of writing is discursive writing. Discursive writing can be said as the philosophical writing which has some kind of natural conclusion or ending at the end of the article. A whole lot of professional writers follow this type of writing style.

In order to get command over discursive writing style, you need to have a whole lot of practice as well as experience in the field of writing, as making your readers agree with you is not that difficult job, as you need to use different types of hookup statements in order to engage the writers with so that in the end they would agree with your point of view.

Discursive writing can be said as the special type of writing style in which a writer does not only cover the main or targeted topic, but he also covers a variety of topics as well that are somehow related to the subject, hence this is the quality of discursive writing and people need a whole lot of time to master this art.

In discursive writing all you have to do is to show your main topic as well as the issue or thing discussed in every section of the paragraph.

How to do discursive writing?

You need to include the following things in your essay when you follow the pattern of discursive writing, this include:

  • Support and opposition at the same time
    In discursive writing, students or the writer have to present supporting as well as opposing points in the same essay, which helps a student to build his analytical skills in the most effective manner. Besides that it also gives the student ability to also mention both positive and negative point in a subject, hence allowing him to take his own decision in the most effective manner.
  • What to write in discursive essays?
    Discursive essays are way much different as compared to other essay types. You need to do following things in your essay when doing discursive writing, these include:
  • First paragraphs
    In the beginning paragraphs, all you need to do is to place the argument of the topic in between, and then justify your points with the help of different evidences and reasons.
  • Second paragraph
    Now as you are done with justifying your point of view, now it is time that you go against the argument. You also need to present different points at that time as well in order to support your argument. You have to give examples as well as reasons in this regard as well!