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4 Different Common Application Personal Essay Option


Common application personal essay

After completing your high school, if you are willing to go with college education than the first thing that you need to do is to write a common application personal essay which is attached with your admission application. Your personality is judged on the basis of your common application personal essay, and it plays a vital role in your selection as well!

Following are the four common types of common application personal essay types that you can choose to go with, these include:

  • Self Evaluation based on past experience
    One of the common application personal essay option is the self evaluation topic that is based upon personal experience or any other thing that has affected your life in some way or the other. However when you write this type of essay it becomes a little bit risky, as most of the time it turn out as self appreciation not the self evaluation, therefore when you chose to go with this type of common application personal essay option you need to take special care, so that it doesn’t turn out as self appraisal and it should be more like self evaluation, as such type of essays are highly appreciated by the board.
  • Go with the general or personal issues
    In this type of common application personal essay option you can chose to go with any of your personal or other local or international issues. It is surely very easy to write down on such issues, as they are known by everyone and you can also find a bulk of information about this subject over the internet, however in such types of topics it is way much easy for you to fell astray from the topic, as the reader wants to judge your character, personality and your desires, he is not interested in knowing the other political or worldly issues.
  • Describe about a person who has most influence on you and the reason of that influence
    In this common application personal essay option all you have to do is to tell about the most influential personality and what type of effects does he have on your life, besides that it is really not important that the influence should be positive, so feel free to right as the reader would only by judging your character, personality and desires based on that topic.
  • Tell about yourself, personal interests, activities and life experiences
    Besides other things, the reader would be happy to know about you directly, as what he is here for. By writing on all that stuff they will come to know about your character and personality in a much better way, besides that they will also know that in what ways you are willing to contribute in the college community, hence it would have a greater positive impact on the reader, as this is what they like to read!