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How To Write Articles And Essays?

People who are not that much aware of the literature assume that articles and essays are the similar thing or they are almost similar in every possible way, however the fact is both of them have huge difference between them when it comes to education as well as professional point of view.


So let’s first start with the essay. Essay is basically a type of report that is written for some special reasons in order to give maximum awareness to its readers. An essay might be written to promote some measures, activity or perspective or it might be to stop some certain action or activity that is being taken place by any of the institutions.

Citations, Quotations, references etc

An essay normally constitutes a set references, citation, quotations, statistical graphs etc. as all of the helps to prove the points. Besides that such references and citations increase the credibility of the report, as it shows that it is based on some facts and evidences and other than him other people are also supporting this cause in some way or the other.

Academic purposes

A person also needs to write such essays in order to take admission in his college, and has to get through such type of essays or reports during his entire academic career in college as well as university.


The tone used in essay or report writing is absolutely formal, and this is because the problem that is being discussed in the report might be serious and explaining or talking about it in a casual or semi-formal way does not go right!


Articles are basically a small set of information that varies in size, they might be around 200 to 400 words or even bigger, and is entirely dependent upon the writer. Articles can be said as a casual method of imparting information from one person to another.

Citation, Quotations, References etc

An article does not need any kind of citation, quotation or reference, as it is a casual way of writing in which you are not concerned about the others ideas. Articles are basically an independent part of a publication. However you can add quotes in articles, but they are really not needed!


A person has the option to chose the type of tone he wants to write his article in, it could either be casual, formal or semi-formal, it does not affect the quality of articles in anyway, however people like to read articles that are in casual tone, as they do not need to encounter any heavy vocabulary words that would force them to open a dictionary to know the meaning of the word. They should be kept simple and easy.